Real Estate Development

(Single/Multi Family New Construction, Affordable Housing, LIHTC Developments, Property Management)

Real Estate Development Program:

Imagine Development Group works with political officials and local police to assists leaders and dedicated stakeholders develop a plan for implementing the vision including methods for obtaining the necessary resources and a process for training strong resident leadership to sustain the transformation. Imagine has a team of professionals with extensive experience in citizen directed planning.  . Areas of Strength include: Planning and coordinating community revitalization projects. Connecting social service support to the physical redevelopment. Building sustainable neighborhood-based leadership.

Community Liaison Initiative:

The Community Services Liaison is a social service specialist employed by Imagine to support residents and management companies in the Chicago land area. The Liaison works with residents to develop community awareness and participation in activities on the property and within the larger community. They also assist residents in self-improvement, self-sufficiency, and community building. We developed the Community Liaison initiative to assist management companies who have a significant need for social services assistant to support their residents in new mixed income communities.

Community Planning and Human Capital Development:

Imagine is often commissioned by schools and key community stakeholders to conduct a community engagement process around existing neighborhood conditions and human services needs. The process includes resident assessment, service and amenity assessments, and focus groups with key stakeholders. Through the community engagement process, stakeholders’ priorities are identified. Using these priorities Imagine develops a human capital plan that identifies programming models that have demonstrated successful outcomes. The human capital plan is integrated with the physical revitalization plan.